Trio Makeup Remover Pads

Great accessory to your Vanity Bag✨

Set of 3 in a Mesh Bag.

“Color & Print of fabric will Vary.!”


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1). EASY MAINTENANCE AND QUICK DRYING: These microfiber face pads are effortlessly cleaned and boast a fast-drying feature. Equipped with a convenient label, you can hang the pad anywhere without concerns about odors.

REUSABLE & ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: A cost-effective, eco-conscious substitute for disposable wipes; can be machine washed and reused multiple times, minimizing waste.

2). SUPER SOFT AND EFFECTIVE: These reusable microfiber makeup remover cloths are exceptionally gentle, caressing your skin with softness. They effortlessly eliminate all types of makeup, including eye makeup. These face cleansing pads are essential for every woman who wears makeup.

3). Machine washable, use fabric softener to rinse for a nice smell & feel plus it’s easy to hang out to dry by using the label.

Ps: Insert used makeup pads in to mesh bag and place the mesh bag in washing machine and wash as instructed.

“Color & Print of fabric will vary at all times.”

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