Satin Swirl Caps

Perfect hair Protection/Self- Care Accessory for the Everyday Woman/Lady or Teen✨


Benefits of Satin Swirl Cap:

  • The Satin helps protect hair from frizz, retains moisture, static and natural oils.
  • It helps with less breakage and brings optimal health natural way.
  • It Helps to keep hair straight and it’s a time saver in the morning rush.
  • It’s light and comfortable and wont slips off at night.
  • It is made from Lycra & Satin Fabric plus all caps are Handmade.
  • It can be used as Under Cap when wearing a Scarf or for Daily use that suites your personal style.
  • It has enough 4 ways stretch for a comfortable Fit.


NB:  All the Satin in caps has the same function, to ‘Care & Protect’ Regardless of the color.


Care Instruction:

  • Gentle wash
  • Can Use Fabric softener for a soft feel & smell.
  • Gentle Spin
  • Do not Tumble Dry.
  • Do not Bleach.
  • Do not Irion.

Random Satin Swirl Cap

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