Hair Claws-New Style(M/L)

Perfect Colors for any occasion.

Wearing/Styling it up or down with a smart casual, evening or everyday Outfit.

Looking your best Always.


Do you have trouble keeping your hairstyle up all day? Need an easy, stylish way to do so? Here’s what you need!
Our new hair grips are a must-have for hairstylists and people who want to create different looks, as they hold hair in place effortlessly and elegantly and you can create intricate hairstyles.
Don’t let your hair hold you back.

Take advantage of our hair grips now and let your hair do the talking!

Size: 5cm x 8.5cm

NB: Shading of product images may be different to actual product.


Black, Purple, Sage, Charcole Grey, Dark Mauve, Dirty Pink, Dusty Grey, Dusty Moon, Milky- Matte, Tan

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