Satin -Turban Headbands

Perfect for any Occasion✨
It’s a perfect hair accessory & makes a quick easy hairstyle on the go💖


Wear it to match any Outfit.
Keeps hair away from your face on windy days
Prevents Frizz
100% Satin Fabric
Tye dye Turban is made from 100% Viscose Cotton
OSFM (on size fits most)

Soak Turban in small tub of Lukewarm / Cold water with a little detergent or fabric softener for a fresh clean smell.
Soak the Turban for a few minutes, preferably +- 5 minutes.
Rinse them in clean fresh water.
Squeeze out the excess water & hang them out to dry.


Black, Flesh tone, Red, Sage, Silver, White, Ceries, Light Pink, Sky Blue, Yellow

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