Skinny Satin Scrunchies

They are Goddesses in their own right beautiful, stunning & powerful just like YOU Perfect for any occasion, anytime & anywhere. Wearing it a up or down style.


Benefits of Scrunchies:

Prevents Tangling
Made for everyone
Less split ends
Decreases frizz
Reduces hair fall
Perfect for all hair types
Lightweight & breathable
Handmade with Love


Elastic is approximately 17 – 19 cm.

Wraps approximately 2x around your hair.

Approximately 8.5 cm in diameter.

“All Scrunchies will be packaged in our stunning Silver Satin Branded Draw String Bags”.

NB: Certain Color Shades of Satin Scrunchies May vary from time to time.!

Care Instructions:

Soak scrunchies in a small tub of Luke or Cold water with a little detergent or fabric softener for a fresh clean smell.
Soak the scrunchies for a few min. preferably +- 5min.
Rinse them in clean fresh water.
Squeeze out the excess water and hang them out to dry.


Juno, Luna, Rose, Cerise, Sky Blue, Sunshine, Athena, Iris, Marina, Venus, Emma

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