Satin Bonnets

Perfect winter & Self-care Accessory✨


  • Helps prevent hair breakage.
  • Helps to retain moisture of your
  • Helps decreasing hair damaging friction.
  • It saves you time & money on Hair care.
  • It also great for people with Dry, damaged or Curly hair & contribute to overall appearance & health.
  • It helps to prevent less tangling & Frizz.
  • Best the Satin Bonnet is best for sleeping with it on at Night.
  • It has “Adjustable Drawstring” which you can easily adjust to fit snuggly to head.
  • One size fit all. (OSFA)Beautifully Handmade by Us.

Care Instructions:

  • Gentle wash & Rinse
  • Use Fabric softener for a soft feel & smell.
  • Gentle spin & hang to dry.




Black, Flesh tone, Mauve, Navy

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